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Free of charge unlimited evaluation with the sole restriction that licence keys produced with an unregistered copy of Sheriff have a maximum lifespan of 30 days. So you can evaluate the full Sheriff SDK for as long as you like prior to purchase


Sheriff is no longer available to new customers

Additional Serial Numbers for existing users

$275 US (+ VAT in the EU). You can order an additional Serial Number at any time but you must have already purchased a First Serial Number.


You can protect an unlimited number of copies of a single product with one Serial Number, including different versions of the same product, but you need an additional Serial Number for each additional product.

For example, you publish two products: SuperDog Version 1.0 - for the owners of kennels - and SuperCat Version 1.0 - for the owners of catteries. If you want to protect both SuperDog and SuperCat with Sheriff you will need to purchase two Serial Numbers; the first Serial Number will cost you $550 and the second $275. So your total outlay on protecting both your products will be $825.