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5.4.7 Networking: Licence Monitoring

You can monitor active programs and which active users have access to them.

Run the Sheriff Administrator on the server (the machine on which the shared licence is installed) then click on Monitor in the toolbar to display a list of software programs for which you are licensed. Select a product from those listed in the Product window and click on Monitor. The Properties for the selected product are displayed. Click on Close and the active users are displayed.

In this example four users are running the Sheriff Demo program.

  • Login Date/Time shows when an active program was opened by a user.
  • Update Date/Time shows when an program was last verified (see below)

A red circle indicates that the program has been verified by the Sheriff Licence System (SLS) and granted permission to run. Usually an active program updates SLS with its current status every five minutes or so but the specified interval varies according to the program.

A red circle changing to white indicates that the program has not been verified by SLS during the specified interval and will be terminated unless the situation is corrected.