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5.4.5 Terminating/Removing a Licence

Generally licences terminate automatically, for example if unit metering has been enabled and all the units are consumed, however there may be instances where it is necessary to terminate a licence manually.

For example, you may wish to change a hardware component but be unable to use the 'move licence' facility (see previous topic) because there is no other system available. In such cases you must request the publisher to generate a new Licence Key for your software but before doing this the publisher must verify that the original licence has been terminated.

Procedure for Terminating a Licence

  • Click the Licence menu and select Terminate.

  • The Terminate Product dialog box displays the currently registered products. Select a product to terminate and click on the Terminate button.

  • When you have confirmed that the product should be terminated, the Termination Code is displayed. Make a note of this so that it can be verified by the publisher. When the product is re-installed the publisher will issue a new Licence Key.

Removing a Product Licence

The licence removal facility is normally only used by software developers and is documented in the Sheriff Licence Key Generator on-line help.