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5.4.4 Moving a Licence


Moving a licence is a special kind of exporting. When you want to permanently relocate a licence from one machine to another, you use the Move function. The Move function is also useful if you want to upgrade your hardware, since the licence can be moved temporarily to another machine and then moved back again.

For example, if you were upgrading your file server you would want to move the current licence to the new server. In this instance, don't forget that you would have to re-register the licence on the client PCs.


In this example, PC1 is the original machine and PC2 is the machine to which you wish to transfer the licence.

PC1 : Select Licence | Move and choose the product licence that you wish to move.
PC1 : Click on Move and you will see the Move Licence dialog box.
PC2 : Generate a Reference Code
PC1 : Enter the Reference Code into the Move Licence dialog box.
PC1 : Click on Generate to generate a Licence Key
PC2 : Using the Licence Import facility, import the licence


  • An exported licence cannot be moved, it can only be imported back to the source machine..
  • All exported licences should be reclaimed prior to moving the licence on the source machine..
  • The software publisher may disable the move facility.