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5.3.8 Removing a Product

The Remove Product facility enables you to completely remove a Sheriff-protected product, for example where you want to reinstall the product again from scratch on your development machine.

Normally this option is not made available to the end user - use Terminate instead. By using the Terminate procedure you ensure that a product is removed from the user's machine without by-passing the Sheriff protection (E.g. which protects against reinstallation), whereas Remove completely undoes the installation. The procedure is password protected.


  • Click on Licence | Remove.
  • In the Remove Products dialog box select the product and click Remove.
  • A Reference is displayed.

Licence Key Generator

  • Click the key in the top left hand corner.
  • Select Generate Remove Password.
  • Enter the Reference Code and click on Generate to generate a password.


  • Enter the password and click on OK. The product is now removed.