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5.3.7 Terminating a Licence

Generally a user's licence will terminate automatically, for example if unit metering has been enabled and all the units have been consumed, however there may be instances where it is necessary to terminate a licence manually.

For example, a user may wish to change a hardware component but be unable to use the 'import' facility because there is no other system available (for more about 'import' see the Licence Administrator help). In such cases the user requests the publisher to generate a new licence key but before doing this the publisher must verify that the original licence has been terminated.

The user (U) terminates a licence using the 'Terminate' option in the Sheriff Licence Administrator (SlsAdmin.exe). Terminating a licence generates a termination code that can be verified by the publisher (P) using the Verify Termination Code facility in the Sheriff Licence Key Generator.


  • U clicks the Licence menu and selects Terminate.
  • The Terminate Product dialog box displays the currently registered products, U selects a product to terminate and clicks on the Terminate button.
  • When U has confirmed that the product should be terminated, the termination code is displayed.

Licence Key Generator

  • P runs the Licence Key Generator, clicks the key icon at top left and selects Verify Termination Code on the drop down menu.
  • P enters U's Termination Code in the dialog box - it is not possible to complete the entry of an invalid code.
  • When the code is successfully entered P adds any comments in the Comments box.
  • P clicks on the Verify button to display the licence properties.
  • Details of the licence termination are appended to the Licence Key Generator Log file (SlsGen.log).