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5.3.6 Verify Status

Use Verify Status to display the features of a user's existing licence prior to issuing a new key. This is particularly important if you want to renew a licence that has not already expired as the new licence policy will overwrite the existing one. In such cases you will need to take into account any days/units etc. that remain on the old policy.

The user must run the Sheriff Administrator (SlsAdmin), the publisher must run the Licence Key Generator (SlsGen).

Sheriff Administrator

  • The user (U) selects the Registry and the appropriate product from the combo box.
  • U clicks on License and then on 'yes' in Confirm Buy dialog box.
  • The status code of the existing licence is displayed.

Licence Key Generator

  • The publisher (P) clicks on the key in the top left hand corner and chooses Verify Status Code from the drop down menu.
  • P enters U's status code (and optionally the user's name and any comments in the Comments box) and clicks Verify.
  • The licence features are displayed and details will be appended to the Licence Generator Log file (SlsGen.log).