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2.4 Protecting an Application


How you integrate Sheriff with your application will depend upon your development environment:

Visual C++ Using the Windows Library, you can call the Sheriff DLL from your application.
All Others You can use the Windows Libarary to call the Sheriff DLL from your application or you can use the ActiveX control.

ActiveX Control

The ActiveX control provides a quick and easy way of protecting applications written in environments that support this method, such as Visual Basic and Delphi. Further information is given in the Developers' Guide:

Introduction to ActiveX Control Topic: Standard ActiveX Control - Introduction

Windows Library

The Windows library provides a flexible alternative to ActiveX. To protect a Windows application with Sheriff, access to the source code is required. However, it is very quick and easy to implement protection; a typical implementation requires four API function calls:

  • SLS_Register
  • SLS_Request
  • SLS_Update
  • SLS_Release

The Sheriff SDK provides ready-to-use template classes and demos for the popular Windows programming languages Visual C++ and Visual Basic. Further information is given in the Developers' Guide:

A quick guide to protecting an application using the Windows Standard Library Topic: Standard Library - Quick Start
A step-by-step demonstration of protecting an application written in C++ Topic: Standard Library - Implementing the Demo
Sheriff SDK - Function Reference Topic: Standard Library - API Reference
CSheriff Class Reference Topic: Standard Library - Class Reference