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5.3.4 Licensing a Product


Generating a Reference Code using SlsAdmin
The Reference Code is displayed either on installation or on first use, depending on the design of the publisher's (P's) application).

The user (U) must generate a Reference Code on the hardware on which the licence file is to be created, which could be a standalone PC or network file server.

Alternatively U can generate a Reference Code using the Sheriff Administrator (SlsAdmin) as follows:

  • U opens the Product Registry by selecting Licence | Registry (or by clicking the Registry button on the toolbar).
  • The Registry displays details of the registered products, including Product ID and Licence Path.
  • U selects the product and clicks on the License button and the Reference Code is displayed.
  • U informs P of the Reference Code.
  • (Optional) U informs P of the Status Code.

Generating a Licence Key using SlsGen

The publisher (P) issues the user (U) with a Licence Key as follows:

  • P enters the user's name.
  • P selects the appropriate product from the drop-down list.
  • P enters U's Reference Code.
  • P defines the Licence Policy by enabling the licence features and selecting the options.
  • P clicks on the Generate button to produce a Licence Key for the User.
  • U enters the Licence Key in the Licence Product dialog box and clicks Save. The product is now licensed.