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5.3.2 Evaluation Product ID & Secret Codes

These are provided for evaluation purposes only and permit the generation of an unlimited number of 30-day licence keys. To fully protect your product you will need to purchase a unique Serial Number.

Please note the following:

  • Using the Evaluation Product ID will, of course, lead to certain limitations within your program E.g. The IsTimeMeter property will be set to True, since the licence keys must expire after 30 days.

  • Use of the encrypted Secret Codes is optional - refer to the Demo to see how the encrypted secret codes can be used in your application. You should enter the plain Secret Codes in the Sheriff Licence Generator.

  • The Product ID and Secret Codes for the Sheriff Demo can be found in topic

Product ID


Plain Secret Codes

Secret Code 1: 0763-1985-3207-6722

Secret Code 2: 1854-2076-4198-7633

Secret Code 3: 2482-1593-2604-4028

Secret Code 4: 3739-0628-9517-9719

Encrypted Secret Codes

SLS_SECRET g_arySecrets[]=