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5.3.1 Licence Generator Overview

You use the Sheriff Licence Generator to generate licence keys for your customers.

What your customers have to do

  1. When your customers install (or run) your application for the first time they are presented with a dialog box (that you can customise) that gives them a unique Reference Code for your application running on their machine.

  2. They pass this code to you (by phone, fax, or email).

  3. You give them in return a Licence Key that they enter into the dialog box. This then licenses the application to run on their machine (or network).

What you have to do

  1. Your customer supplies you with a Reference Code that they get when they install (or run) your application for the first time.

  2. You use the Licence Key Generator application (SlsGen) to create a Licence Key for the customer, using the supplied Reference Code.

  3. You create the Licence Policy