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5.2.1 Sheriff Product ID & Secret Codes Generator

Serial Number

Every Sheriff-protected product requires a unique Product ID and Secret Codes, which are generated from the Serial Number issued to you at the time of purchasing Sheriff. To generate your Product ID and Secret Codes enter the Serial Number in the Product SN box then click on Generate.

The Product ID is used to identify your product to Sheriff; you must register your Product ID in the Sheriff Licence Generator's Registry before you can issue licence keys to your users.

Secret Codes prevent third parties from generating licence keys for your product - even if they have access to the Sheriff Licence Generator. As an additional precaution the Secret Codes are also available in an encrypted format, designed to deter hacking. Whether you include the numeric or encrypted Secret Codes in your product is up to you.

Evaluation Product ID & Secret Codes

If you have not purchased a Serial Number you can use the evaluation Product ID and Secret Codes to evaluate Sheriff.