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5.1.1 Notes


SlsDemo The Demo Application provides a simple example of a Sheriff-protected progam.
SlsPsn The Product ID & Secret Codes Generator is used by registered Sheriff software developers to generate unique Product IDs & Serial Codes for their applications (normally one Serial Number per application is required).
SlsGen The Licence Generator is used by publishers of Sheriff-protected products to generate licence keys for their users.


The Administrator is used by end users of Sheriff-protected products to manage their licence keys.


Sheriff application that runs on a network server.

Developers: Please Note

The full functionality of the SlsAdmin & SlsGen applications is replicated in the API and Extended API (via SlsApi and SlsApiEx respectively). This enables you to choose whether or not to distribute the Administrator to your end users as a stand-alone application or to integrate some or all of its functionality within your own program.

The Administrator On-line Help

The Sheriff Administrator on-line help is provided both as a topic in the Sheriff on-line help that you are currently viewing and also as a stand-alone application (SlsAdmin.chm).

If you want to distribute the Sheriff Administrator On-line Help please note:

  1. The Compiled Help File

    MS HTML Help is a single (.chm) file HTML help system, using its own Microsoft HTML Help viewer (hh.exe), currently available for Windows only and using MS Internet Explorer 3.02+. Therefore your users need to have Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or above and the HTML Help viewer set up on their computers.

  2. The Viewer

    The MS HTML Help viewer is included in Windows 98 and is widely available but it is possible that some of your users will not have it. This means that you may need to distribute the viewer with your product.

    You can redistribute the HTML Help Viewer components as needed by redistributing the HTML Help Viewer Installation and Update package (Hhupd.exe). The package consists of a self-extracting executable program that will set up the Help Viewer on a user's computer or update an existing setup of the Help Viewer. Hhupd.exe is available in 28 languages, for both x86 and alpha platforms and can be downloaded from the HTML Help Download Page at the Microsoft Web site. Note that Hhupd.exe will not run on a Windows NT system unless you have administrator privileges.

  3. MS Internet Explorer

    It is not required that Internet Explorer be used as the system's default browser, or that the Internet Explorer icon be visible on the user's desktop.

Password Protection

Both the Licence Generator and Administrator feature the option of password protection but please note that the security provided is very basic.