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4.6.2 Client Side ActiveX control - SlsLocalComNet.dll

SlsLocalComNet.dll contains a subset of functions of the Sheriff ActiveX control and is designed specially for Internet applications, such as an Internet Software Registration system. This enables software publishers to automate the generation of user Reference Codes and the authorisation of licence keys.

To implement a Sheriff ISR automatic system, SlsLocalComNet.dll must be installed and registered on the user's PC.



The ID of your product. Sheriff ActiveX Control comes with a pre-defined evaluation Product ID that can be used for your evaluation and testing. You need to obtain a Product ID of your own to use Sheriff in your commercially released product.


  1. GetReferenceCode As String
  2. Returns user's reference code of the PC to which the licence will be authorised.

  3. SetLicenceKey(RefCode as String, LicKey as String)
  4. Authorise the PC with the licence key and its user reference code.

  5. SetPublisherData(PubData as String)
  6. Saves the publisher's data in the licence file on the PC.

  1. Succeeded As Boolean
  2. Succeeded is called to check whether the previous method succeeded or failed.

  3. GetLastErrorCode As long
  4. If the method Succeeded returns false, you can call GetLastErrorCode to return the error code.

  5. GetLastErrorMessage As String
  6. Or, if the method Succeeded return false, you can call GetLastErrorMessage to get the error message.