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2.3 What is in the Sheriff SDK?

>> Code that you call from your application to copy protect it. There is code specific to Visual C++ and Visual Basic Please see the API folder for the code for your development language.
>> Demonstration software that shows how to use the Sheriff SDK to protect your applications. There is also a demo application .
>> Product ID and Secret Codes Generator that you use to generate the unique identifying codes for your application (i.e. the Product ID and Secret Codes). An evaluation Product ID and Secret Codes are supplied.
>> The Licence Key Generator that you use to generate licence keys.
>> The Administrator application that your customers can use to administer their licences.
>> Instructions on how to implement Sheriff ISR (Internet Software Registration), which enables you to distribute your licence keys automatically from a web site.
>> The SlsServer application that enables you to manage licences on a network. Full instructions for running SlsServer are given in topic 3.4 Networking.

See the SDK Components section of this help file for a detailed list of the files in the kit.