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                                                                    LPCSTR pszProductID,
                                                                    DWORD dwSessionOptions,
                                                                    SLS_CHALLENGE *pChallenge);


Points to a string that uniquely identifies the application's Product ID.


Specify one or a combination of the following options:

#define SLS_BYPASS_MACHINE_ID                              0x0001
#define SLS_BYPASS_MACHINE_SIGNATURE               0x0002
#define SLS_BYPASS_DISK_SIGNATURE                      0x0004
#define SLS_BYPASS_FILE_SIGNATURE                       0x0008


Points to a challenge data which should have been created by calling SLS_CreateChallenge with dwSessionOptions as the seed data.

Return Values

SLS_SUCCESS if the function is successful. Otherwise an error status code is returned indicating the cause of the error.


Sheriff is very rigorous in locking the licence to its hosting machine. Some locking mechanism include Machine ID, Machine Signature, Disk Signature and File Signature. Some developers wish to relax some locks under certain circumstances. The API function SLS_SetSessionOptions can be called to temporarily bypass some locks within a session.

Disk Signature is the signature of the hard disks.

Machine Signature is the signature of other hardware components including include CPU, BIOS, Motherboard etc.

Machine ID = Machine Signature + Disk Signature + Signature of OS

File Signature is the signature of licence files.