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                                       LPCSTR pszProductID,
                                       SLS_HANDLE lLicenceHandle,
                                       SLS_RELEASE pRelease,
                                       SLS_CHALLENGE pChallenge)

The SLS_Release function requests that the licence system release the licensing resources associated with the licensing context identified by the lLicenseHandle parameter.



Points to a string that uniquely identifies the application's Product ID.


Specifies the handle to the licensing context. This parameter must be a handle created with the SLS_Request function.


Specifies the total licence usage. This parameter is used only if a licence policy is in effect that comprises of unit metering (and if you choose to implement such a licence policy in the application). The UnitsConsumed parameter in the Release structure specifies the total number of units consumed in this handle context since the initial call to the SLS_Request function.


Points to a challenge structure. The challenge response will also be returned in this structure.

Return Values

SLS_SUCCESS if the function is successful. Otherwise an error status code is returned to indicate the cause of the error.


Use the SLS_Release function to release licensing resources associated with the licence context identified by the lLicenseHandle parameter.