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2.1 What is Sheriff?
>> Sheriff is a software development kit (SDK) for protecting software against illegal copying.
>> Sheriff uses licence keys (strings of numbers) to provide secure protection without the need for dongles or key disks.
>> Sheriff ties licences to individual machines or to a network file server.
>> Sheriff enables you to distribute your software product as a demo, a trial application, a limited feature application or a full feature application.
>> Sheriff enables you to create licences, on a user by user basis, that feature one or more of the following schemes:
Day Metering Determines how many days the licence is valid before it expires.
Unit Metering Determines how many times an application can run before the licence expires.
Expiration Control Forces the licence to expire on a given date.
Concurrency Limits the maximum number of concurrent users on a network. Sheriff treats many invocations of an application by the same user on the same computer as a single user.
Feature Access Control Lets you restrict which features of your application are enabled for a given licence.