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With Sheriff you can combine the following features in your licensing policy:

  1. Concurrency
  2. Expiration
  3. Day Metering
  4. Unit Metering
  5. Feature Access Control

Concurrency Limiting

This implementation limits the maximum number of concurrent users to that permitted by the licence agreement (EULA).

Licence Metering

Sheriff provides two types of metering:

  1. Day Metering enables the software to run to a specified date (E.g. until 31/8/97) or for a specified number of days (E.g. 21 days).
  2. Unit Metering provides a flexible method for the software publisher to determine which events will be chargeable. Each chargeable event is known as a 'unit' (E.g. an execution of the software, viewing/printing a document, or any specified period of time). So the publisher might permit the software to be executed ten times only, this would be the equivalent of providing ten metered units.

Feature Control

Software publishers can distribute full versions of their software, but limit end users' access to software features. End users can then buy what they need. Using 'feature control', software publishers can license their software as shareware, demo software or buy-as-you-need.