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The demo is a small sample application to show how a program may be licensed.

  • If it is not already present, you will need to copy SlsApi.dll from the API folder into the \DEMO APP folder or to a folder in the system path.

  • Run SlsDemo and, when prompted for a licence key, generate one with the Sheriff Licence Generator (SlsGen) located in the \SYSTEM APPS folder.

    You will need to register the demo app in the Licence Generator using the following:

    Name: Sheriff Demo (or anything else you like)

    Product ID: 9758-3050-1918-9292-6466

    Secret Code 1: 0763-1985-3207-6621
    Secret Code 2: 1854-2076-4198-7532
    Secret Code 3: 2482-1593-2604-4927
    Secret Code 4: 3739-0628-9517-9618

The Visual C++ source code can be found in the API\API\DEMO SOURCE\VC folder; there are also projects for VB, VFP and Delphi.

See topic for a detailed description of implementing the C++ demo.