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1.1 Guide to Help Topics

Quick Start/Upgrading How to get up and running with Sheriff as quickly as possible. Users of Sheriff 2 who are upgrading to 3.0 should read topics 3.4 and 6.11.
Technical Overview A more detailed look at the technical aspects of Sheriff.
Developers' Guide How to implement Sheriff via traditional DLL or ActiveX. Also explains Internet Software Registration (Sheriff ISR).
Applications SlsDemo A simple example of a Sheriff-protected progam.
SlsPsn Generates unique Product IDs & Secret Codes with which to protect software applications.
SlsGen Generates licence keys for end users.


Enables end users to manage their licence keys. Includes information about networking.


[Ensured that the Sheriff Clock was synchronised over a network. Not required in Sheriff 3.0 so not included in SDK.]


Application that runs on the server in a networked environment.
SlsPsn To generate your unique Product ID and Secret Codes
FAQ The answers to frequently asked questions.
Licence Agreement The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for the Sheriff SDK and the provision of support & maintenance.