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First of all, you need to register your application on the end user's machine. Product registration requires the Product ID, Product Name and Licence Path. Products are distinguished by their Product IDs - each product has a unique ID. The product name is only used for administration purposes, for example the Sheriff Administrator application (SlsAdmin.exe) displays the names of products currently running in its 'monitor' window. The licence path tells Sheriff where the licence files reside.

Once a product is registered this information will be kept in Windows Registry in the following location:


Sheriff uses the Windows Registry to keep track of which products are registered on the machine and where their licences reside.

There are two ways of registering a product, manually or programmatically:

  1. To register your product manually, end users will have to run the Sheriff Administrator (SlsAdmin.exe) to register your product. Please refer to SlsAdmin online help for details.

  2. To register your product programmatically, call SLS_Register. This step is typically carried out by your installation program, although you can register your product from your main application before you call other API functions.

Once your product is registered on the machine you do not need to repeat it, although there is no harm in repeating a registration.