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A Product ID and set of Secret Codes will be used in the Sheriff Licence Key Generator application (SlsGen) and also in your code.

Please note that:

  • Sheriff identifies each application by its unique Product ID.

  • Secret Codes ensure the one-one else can issue licence keys for your product.

  • You should not use the evaluation Product ID and Secret Codes with your released product - they are used by everyone who is evaluating Sheriff.

  • When you purchase Sheriff you will be sent a unique Serial Number with which to generate your own Product ID and Secret Codes, using the Sheriff Product ID & Serial Number Generator (SlsPsn).

  • When you have obtained a unique Product Serial Number you should keep it secret.

Evaluation Product ID and Secret Codes

If you are using Sheriff for evaluation purposes, you can use the following evaluation Product ID and either the plain or encrypted Secret Codes:

Product ID 9758-3050-1918-9292-6466
Plain Secret Codes 0763-1985-3207-6621
Encrypted Secret Codes

SLS_SECRET g_arySecrets[]=