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4.1.1 Introduction
>> The Sheriff API is provided as Windows Dynamic Link Libraries; Sheriff can also be implemented as an ActiveX control. For VC++ applications.
>> Any Window programming language capable of calling a standard Windows DLL can work with the Sheriff API.
>> The Sheriff SDK provides direct support for Visual C++ and Visual Basic with API interfaces and API classes.
>> For simplicity, API functions for C++ are used throughout, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise. However API interfaces and classes in Visual Basic are very similar to their C++ counterparts.
>> The API provides both Standard and Extended Libraries:

  • The Standard Library offers all the functionality you need to protect your application.

  • The Extended Library provides the functionality of the Sheriff Licence Generator (SlsGen) application. This enables you to create your own customised application for issuing licence keys E.g. if you want to distribute licence keys via a distributor, you can create your own application for doing this.
>> A detailed list of API functions is given in the Programming Reference topic for each library. The next topic provides a detailed list of all the files in the SDK.