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3.6 Glossary

Control - Concurrent User

Defines the maximum number of network users that can access the product simultaneously. The identity of those users can be controlled from the Sheriff Licence Administrator (SlsAdmin.exe)

Control - Expiry

Defines the date on which a licence expires.

Control - Feature Access

Defines which features of a product are enabled.


End User Licence Agreement. The agreement between software publishers and their customers.


Internet Software Registration. Enables licence keys to be distributed automatically from a web site

Licence Administrator (SlsAdmin.exe)

A Sheriff application that enables end users to manage their software licences (Eg. to Import a licence from another computer or to monitor concurrent users).

Licence Import

A means of importing a licence from another computer. See the Sheriff Licence Administrator help for details.

Licence Export

A means of exporting a licence to another computer. This feature can be disabled in Options i.e. you can disable the user's ability to export a licence key to another machine, so locking the licence to one machine only. See the Sheriff Licence Administrator help for details of how to export a licence key.

Licence Database

Collection of three files installed on the end user's machine, including the Licence File.

Licence File

File created on the end user's machine that contains the Licence Policy. The file must be present on the end user's machine for a Sheriff-protected application to execute.

Licence Key

The code issued to the end user by the publisher, and embedded in theLicence File, that enables a Sheriff-protected application to execute in accordance with the terms of the Licence Policy.

Licence Key Generator (SlsGen.exe)

Sheriff application used by publishers to generate Licence Keys.

Licence Policy

The features and limitations of the end user's licence as defined by the publisher and passed to the user in the Licence Key.

Log File

Details of all licences issued are appended to the log (SlsGen.log). Comments may be added to the log directly from the Licence Generator.

Metering - Unit

Method of limiting the number of times a Sheriff-protected application is executed by reference to the consumption of units that are defined by the publisher.

Metering - Day

Method of limiting the number of days in which a Sheriff-protected application is executed.

Portable Licences

A licence can be imported to another machine using the Sheriff Licence Administrator's Import facility.

Product ID

A unique code used by the publisher to identify a Sheriff-protected product and distinguish it from other Sheriff-protected products. A unique Product ID is generated from a Serial Number.

Product ID & Secret Codes Generator (SlsPsn.exe)

Enables the publisher to generate a unique Product ID and Secret Codes from a Serial Number.

Publisher Data

Supplements the Licence Key. The Licence Key is compulsory whereas Publisher Data is optional. If a publisher feels that the Licence Key does not provide enough features, the Licence Key can be supplemented by Publisher Data. Publisher data is saved with the Licence Key and is in effect an an extension to the Feature Access Key facility. Publisher data occupies a space up to 32 bytes; the format and meaning of the data is up to the publisher.

Publisher Data can be entered or displayed via SlsAdmin, where this has been used as the licensing tool. The Publisher Data may be saved or retrieved by using the appropriate Sheriff API functions.

Reference Code

Code provided by the end user when enabling a Sheriff-protected application. Publisher requires Reference Code in order to generate a Licence Key. The Code consists of 24 digits. The first 12 digits are the user's machine signature, the next 4 digits are the product signature and the remaining 8 digits are the run-time signature. It is possible to tell whether or not two Reference Codes are generated from the same machine by comparing the machine signatures.

Reusable Key

A Licence Key that can be used on the same machine an unlimited number of times. With a Reusable Key the end user can restore the original licence to the same machine if the LicenceFile is overwritten or corrupted (not used when day or unit metering is implemented). NB. A new key will be required if the hard disk is reformatted.

Reusable Reference Code

This option is only available when Expiry Date metering has been selected. It is used when you want to be able to extend the date on which the licence will expire without first contacting the user for a new Reference Code.

Secret Codes - Standard

Secret Codes are required to generate unique Licence Keys for a product. The Secret Codes are entered into the Sheriff Licence Key Generator and enable a publisher to generate Licence Keys for his product alone.

Secret Codes - Encrypted

As additional protection against hacking the publisher may prefer to embed encrypted Secret Codes in his product (the Standard Secret Codes are entered into the Sheriff Licence Key Generator).

Serial Number

A unique number issued to the publisher to enable the generation of a Product ID and Secret Codes (using the Product ID & Secret Codes Generator).

Status Code

The Verify Status Code feature enables a publisher to check the current status of a user's licence. In the Administrator, when a licence is being registered/authorised, a message box underneath the Reference Code shows the current (or, if not available, previous) licence status. To verify the Status Code, the publisher requests the user to provide that code and then, in the Licence Generator, selects Tools|Verify Status Code and keys in the code. The licence status is displayed.

System Clock Verification

A feature of Sheriff's anti-tampering facilities. Ensures that day metering & expiry date control cannot be bypassed.

Termination Code

When a user manually terminates a licence using the Sheriff Licence Administrator a Termination Code is displayed. The publisher can verify this code using the Sheriff Licence Key Generator.