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7.2 Sheriff Software Support & Maintenance Agreement

An Agreement between Licensing Technologies Limited of Northway House, 1379 High Road, London N20 9LP, England (hereinafter referred to as "LTL") and the software user (hereinafter referred to as "the user").

Whereas LTL is a company based in the United Kingdom in the business of software development and related services and has designed and developed a suite of software applications, known as collectively as "Sheriff", and the user has entered into a licensing agreement ('Sheriff User Agreement') with LTL for the use of Sheriff

Now it is hereby agreed as follows:

In addition to any pre-existing obligations under the Sheriff User Agreement LTL shall, for a period of one year from the commencement of this Support & Maintenance Agreement, supply to the user the following services:

  • Provide access to all maintenance and other upgrades - including major version upgrades - without charge and shall inform the customer as soon as such versions and upgrades become available.
  • Provide the customer with guaranteed 24 hour response by email to communications from the customer.
  • Use all reasonable endeavours to replace any defective materials and resolve customer reported software defects and report promptly and regularly to the customer on all steps being taken to rectify such faults.

Version 3.0.1